Our videos are all about music production.

Each tutorial takes you, step by step into the use and art of the recording studio.

What separates a fair recording from one that is radio friendly is "production values."

We cover all the important topics from:

  1. Equalizers
  2. Compression
  3. Digital Effects
  4. Reverb Design
  5. The Art of Mixing
  6. Tape Emulation
  7. Tonality
  8. Dynamics
  9. Much More

Customer Quote:

"I learned more in watching one of your videos then I did on my own recording for 10 YEARS. THANKS!"

Each of our videos are 2-3 hours in length and are presented in ways that are easy to understand.

Also, you get unlimited viewing so you can learn at your own pace.

What if you could sit in with a world class recording engineer for an entire 30 track mixing session.

Well now you can, the Mixing Masterclass is exactly that.
Follow the mixing of a complex tune that includes both acoustic and electric instruments.

Equalizing, compressors, reverbs, chorus, delays, vocals, drums, guitars, synths, background vocals and more.
Every detail is explained to you in a way that is both clear and cohesive.
We have received so many emails about this video, we think you will like it also.

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Mixing Music Masterclass

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